Catherine O'Hara


Canadian-American actress, writer, and comedienne, Catherine O'Hara first gained name recognition as one of the original cast members on the Canadian television sketch comedy--show Second City TV (1976). The show recreated itself with SCTV Network 90 (1981) and later, SCTV Channel (1983). On the series, O'Hara impersonated the likes of Lucille Ball, Tammy Faye Bakker, Gilda Radner, Katharine Hepburn, and Brooke Shields. O'Hara stayed with the show for its entirety (1976-1984) and after the series ended, she appeared in several films directed by Tim Burton, beginning with Sok z żuka (1988) and later, Miasteczko Halloween (1993) and Frankenweenie (2012). O'Hara also frequently collaborated with director and writer, Christopher Guest, appearing in his mockumentary films (three of which earned her awards and nominations): Niezla sztuka (1996), Medal dla miss (2000), Koncert dla Irvinga (2003), and Radosne Purim (2006). Recently, O'Hara can be seen on the Canadian television series Schitt's Creek (2015). Her work in the series earned two Canadian Screen Awards for Best Lead Actress (2016 and 2017).


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