Cecilia Roth


She moved to Spain with her father and her brother, Ariel Rot, in 1976 and started acting. Her first major role was in Iván Zulueta's Gwalt (1979). After appearing in Pedro Almodóvar's debut feature _Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón (1980)_ she kept working with him in Labirynt namietnosci (1982), Posród ciemnosci (1983) and Czym sobie na to wszystko zasluzylam? (1984). In 1995 she moved back to Argentina and became a national movie, stage and TV star. Besides appearing in the U.S. co-produced thriller The Stranger (1987), she mostly starred in Argentine films including Wlasny kawalek swiata (1992), hit detective drama I rozpadl sie raj... (1997) and family drama Martin (1997), which gained her a Goya Award. She teamed up with Almodóvar again starring in Wszystko o mojej matce (1999).


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